My Testimony

I am Sunil khilla, Son of Guru Khilla, working as an independent pastor. I have two sisters and an elder brother. We are residing at Qtr. No.LIG/66, Housing Board Colony, Sunabeda-1, and District – Koraput, State- Odisha – India.
Before knowing God, I was a very cruel and a bad person. I had lot of bad friends and was into various ungodly activities (like habit of Tobacco) and many more but I did not have peace in my heart. I knew JESUS CHRIST from a normal story told by someone but one day Pastor Shishir came to me and told about JESUS CHRIST completely at that time I heard very carefully to every word he said, and on that day I felt bad on my life and repented my sin before Lord JESUS CHRIST. Then I really felt “What is life” in my heart deeply. When I came to know JESUS CHRIST is our Resurrection Salvation and Redemption God at that time I felt really happy in my heart. 
One day, one of my friends hurt me very badly and that day I promised that I will make no other friend expect JESUS CHRIST, and from that day I totally became new person. From that hurt, I felt bad, I cried and prayed to my Lord JESUS CHRIST. 
 Then slowly I became interested to hearing from the word of God shared by Pastor Shishir. I attended many services and learned The Bible and how to pray. On 16th February 2000 early in the morning, I got salvation from the Lord, and then I took baptism in the afternoon, from Pastor Lawrance Khosla, before the name of savior Lord JESUS CHRIST, Heavenly Father and Holly Spirit, then from that day I got God’s peace in my heart. Because I know now that there is no one who can stand before JESUS CHRIST our living savior and Redemption Lord. Since that day till date I am working as a pastors, sharing the love of Christ and the peace, happiness and joy that I have received from Him to others.